Shake your Pom Poms!!

I am in love with the new trend this season, it's the Pom Pom Sandals...  I first spotted them in Zara and they were close to $100.... When something is trendy and flashy, I usually don't like to spend a ton of money on them because they usually last just one or two seasons. So I thought - why not just make my own? So, I made them. It's an extremely easy DIY project and anyone can do it, You can make this with your kids, I am sure they will have fun with all he colorful Pom Poms.

To make the Pom Pom Sandals, you will need:
1. A pair of any plain shoes, sandals, gladiators. These are pretty good for $20 or these  for $16
I bought mine from TJMaxx. Cost: $20. You may also use any sandal that you may already have.
2. Pom Poms, I bought mine from Amazon Pepperell Assorted Pom Poms, Hot Colors, 300 Per Package Cost: $7
3. Needle and Thread, I started stitching the poms poms to my slippers, but they took way too long. So I used my hot glue gun and they were done in less than 10 minutes.
4. Hot glue gun (I already had this one at home)

Total cost: $27

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